The spokesperson for the VOX provincial group in the Almería Provincial Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, presented this morning, in the Finance committee, a amendment to all Budgets and numerous partial amendments.

Rojas explained that VOX last year showed its confidence in the government team, thus supporting the Budgets. "They contained points that did not convince us, but we expected them to change this year and it has not been like that."

These Budgets, according to the political formation, are continuity and unreal. As in other years, the project contemplates fictitious income and expenses, which will undergo modifications of more than 50% throughout the year, as already happened in 2019 and 2020, and which will not finally be carried out or as initially planned, as has already happened in 2019 and 2020. "At VOX we cannot participate in this accounting trilerism"says Juan Francisco Rojas.

Within the partial amendments, VOX asks to suppress items that are dispensable to provide others that are more necessary in these moments of crisis and that will mostly be destined to the productive fabric. “We want the real needs of the province of Almería to be covered. We are going through a period of health, social and economic crisis that is drowning citizens ”.

“The amendments are aimed at help SMEs and freelancers punished by the pandemic, water investments, reduction of wasteful spending, COVID early warning service in wastewater, essential points to provide an immediate response to citizens ”, explains Rojas.

Another of VOX's disagreements is with regard to “gender violence”. They ask where it says "Gender" should say "intrafamilial" incorporating in the program all those who suffer violence, regardless of their gender.

On November 27, the documentation related to the budget project for 2021 of the Almería Provincial Council was transferred to the VOX group. Juan Francisco Rojas explains that, “the haste in deadlines, as well as the lack of negotiating will real and transparent to this group and its voters makes our support for budgets unfeasible that are very far from the needs of this County Council ”.

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