The municipal group VOX in the Almería City Council has registered a motion for the adoption of measures to enhance and consolidation of the Club de Mar de Almería.

VOX proposes the writing and execution of a Promotion and awareness plan of the social, recreational and cultural activities of the Club de Mar, for the compatibility of its infrastructures, location and current location, with the projected Master Plan.

The planned project for the Port-City area, corresponding to the Levante Pier area and Las Almadrabillas, intends to divide the services and facilities of the Club de Mar.

The spokesman for the municipal group, Juan Francisco Rojas, affirms that “Dismantling and dividing the facilities of the Club de Mar and its services endangers its continuity and it supposes a lack of respect for the will of the social majority of its members who want to keep the facilities grouped as they have been until now ”.

From VOX they indicate that the Club de Mar forms part of the living history of Almería and it is one of the most active, participatory and emblematic associations in our city.

Rojas assures that “The consensus of all the political, social and economic sectors of our city is necessary to prevent actions that in theory seek the general interest, end up causing irreparable damage for some groups, of special relevance in our idiosyncrasy and history, such as the men of the sea ”.

From VOX support the Puerto-Ciudad project and they think that it would improve if the Club de Mar was taken into account as a grouped facilities, as they are now, and not dispersed as intended.

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