VOX shows again his frontal rejection of the rise of the water and after registering allegations to the initial agreement to modify the regulatory ordinances of the drinking water and sewerage services in the city of Almería, demands an extraordinary plenary session together with all the opposition, except the non-attached councilor, to paralyze this rise.

All the political parties that form the opposition in the Almería City Council have presented numerous allegations regarding this action.

Juan Francisco Rojas assures that "Such modifications are harmful to the interests of the people of Almería and with great impact will affect intensive agriculture in Almería and other neighboring municipalities of the Bajo Andarax region, as well as the tertiary sector of our city, especially already affected by the consequences of this pandemic and the current economic crisis ”.

VOX considers that it is intended to bring the Carboneras desalination plant (which supplies 200,000 inhabitants) and Dalías (300,000 inhabitants) to production level, a question not based on the intervention report, nor on the one of June 1 2020 technical-economic.

“One might wonder why they recharge the desalination rate on all the water consumedNot being logical, since the desalinated water is a percentage, the rest is obtained from surveys such as those of Bernal or those of Bajo-Medio Andarax, 21 specifically, ”says Juan Francisco Rojas.

Rojas states that "It is all nonsense, no study is presented that addresses in detail the causes that lead to adopt this type of modification of great impact on the economy of the citizen. Its impact and incidence cannot be evaluated ”.

Likewise, Rojas does not understand that the government team does not study the means of financing with European funds, national or regional in order to alleviate this rise in the water rate, when they have had time to do so.

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