Cartagena, February 13, 2020.– In the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budgets Today, focused on the Ministry of Women, Equality, LGTBI, Family and Social Policy, Juan José Liarte, VOX GP spokesperson, has alluded to the budgets signed with PP and Citizens.

Addressing the Vice President and Counselor of the aforementioned commission, Isabel Franco, the Regional Deputy recalled that the agreement consists of twelve points negotiated with the party led by Santiago Abascal, of which seven include “improvements of a social nature that affect his counseling ”, so that no one can deny is that“ the concern for social needs has been the main protagonist ”.

Liarte has valued that the distribution of subsidies to poverty and tax subsidies "will be more fair", as well as to establish "a finalist distribution of limited public resources, prioritizing family, disability and the elderly."

In the Equality section, he affirmed that social peace is not possible without justice: “Facing gender ideologies that maintain that gender is a social construct that has nothing to do with sex, VOX shares with you the idea of that men and women are different and that the equality we must aspire to is equal opportunities, ”he added.

In addition, he made reference to the fact that in the Region of Murcia “it is VOX who has introduced a Proposal for the Law of modification of the Civil Code for shared custody that we hope, and we wish, all the groups present here to support”.

The Regional Deputy has continued his speech referring to maternity aids ("we need more parks in the Region, but also more children who play in them"), to the protection of minors ("avoid personal and family and social uprooting of unaccompanied minors is fundamental ”), to gender violence (“ we advocate a different concept, that of intrafamily violence, and we understand that all Spaniards must be equal before the law without discrimination of any kind prevailing ”) or gender diversity ("the talks should be given by judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police, teachers of constitutional law, etc. by virtue of their professional capacity and not their sexual preferences").

Finally, and in relation to the victims of terrorism, Juan José Liarte stressed that the Region of Murcia has not acted with due diligence: “Victims reside here even without compensation and without recognizing their status as such, so we will propose Government of the Region a legal review and we hope to have your support, ”he concluded.

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