Juan Luis Pedreño durante la comparecencia de la secretaria general de Innovación en la Comisión de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades

Regrets that this Plan is not the result of the Consensus with all parliamentary agents and groups, as already happened in Spain with the 2011 Science Plan

The Digital Transformation spokesperson points out that the new circumstances after the pandemic “have shown that science and innovation are fundamental to face the great social challenges and to find necessary solutions to complex problems, beyond the traditional objective of advancing the knowledge"

"Since the GPP we have always defended Science, Knowledge and Innovation as the engine of the economy of our country", highlights

It requires the Executive to increase the effective innovation items and the effective management of the amounts dedicated to loans, and reproaches it for talking about the impossibility of approving new budgets as the only tool to increase investments.

Proposes to the Government support for doctors with a specific Plan to strengthen human resources for research in companies

Stresses the importance of mobilizing innovative public procurement programs, whose management results of these investments have been null in the last two years 

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