05-26-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs Andalucía showed his satisfaction for the results of the municipal elections 'once again we have achieved it, the ballot boxes have been put in Andalusia and Cs has grown again'

"Citizens has consolidated in Andalusia as third political force tripling its number of councilors." This has been said by the leader of Ciudadanos Andalucía, Juan Marín, to the media after knowing the results of the municipal elections in the Andalusian community. In this line, the leader of the orange training in Andalusia has been very satisfied and said that "once again we have achieved it, the ballot boxes have been put in Andalusia and Citizens has grown again".

Marín has expressed that Ciudadanos has been presented in more than 320 municipalities "we have exceeded 300 thousand votes, we had 162 councilors and tonight we have achieved 450", in this line the spokesman of the party in Andalusia has reported that this data translates into "An increase of 170% of councilors throughout Andalusia, Citizens has grown in the 8 provinces, and we have achieved an absolute majority in 12 municipalities."

On the other hand, the leader of the Orange formation has stated that "we are the key government in 14 of the 25 cities with more than 25,000 inhabitants". To end Marín has expressed that "the goal of building a political project has been consolidated, we are satisfied and happy because the Andalusians have returned to trust in Cs, we just have to keep dreaming, we have no ceiling and we have shown it"

For his part, the mayoral candidate of Seville, Álvaro Pimentel, stressed that "in Seville, capital has also been shown that every time the ballot boxes are opened, Cs grows". "We have increased by 26% in votes, we have grown in all the districts, we have one more councilor and we will continue working with the people of Seville with much more strength, knowing that the project is consolidating, that we are an outstanding force in our city and We are going to leave our skin for four years to work for Seville and Seville. "

In addition, Pimentel added that "Citizens will be in all neighborhoods working, teaching people that there is another way of doing politics and that we have come to stay"

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