The VOX spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Julius calvo, states that it is the Ministry of Finance who obliges to use the remainder of the treasury to pay the contractors, FCC and Avanza. Through a recent clarifying report in which it states that "the obligations to attend account 413 would not be affected by the suspension of the spending rule."

Calvo acknowledges that there were "doubts" about the interpretation of those instructions. Therefore, a report was requested from the City Council's accounting service, which “confirmed the obligation to meet these obligations” since “are not affected by the spending rule”. "If the Ministry of Finance had intended otherwise, it would have given different instructions on the use of the remaining treasury," he argues. This report, signed by the Head of the Central Accounting and Treasury Unit, is dated November 18, 2020.

The VOX spokesman affirms that "any municipal group that suggests a different use with the remaining treasury is lying to the citizens." Since they claim that "the City Council fails to comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Finance." Something that he has defined as "populism."

"The debts we must face are a direct consequence of the left's disastrous management. That he has governed the last 16 years until 2019 ”, he lamented.

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