The Ministry of Justice has doubled the delivery capacity of the LexNET platform, so that the writings submitted now can have a volume of up to 30 MB. Thus, a demand from users of the application that will allow the electronic submission of writings with greater documentation is addressed, being especially useful in the briefs sent to the judicial bodies to initiate judicial proceedings.

The LexNET capacity has been progressively increased, from the initial 3 MB, to the 15 MB that the application allowed in March 2017, to the current 30 MB, as a result of the continuous improvements implemented in its technological infrastructure that have also reinforced the level of security and improved the performance of the system.

With this measure it is expected to considerably reduce the efforts established in Royal Decree 1065/2015, of November 27, to complete the presentation of writings in person if the capacity available in the system is exceeded.

Justice reminds that for an efficient electronic submission of writings through LexNET, it is necessary to take into account the considerations established in the Manual of Good Practices prepared within the State Technical Committee of the Electronic Judicial Administration.

Since the compulsory nature of the use of electronic means in communications between professionals and the Administration of Justice came into force on January 1, 2016, more than 297 million electronic communications have been made throughout the national territory, of which , judicial bodies have made 253,801,702 notifications and professionals have submitted 36,088,013 pleadings and 7,278,640 pleadings initiating proceedings.

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