Justice enables 4,000 telework teams to continue the activity during the containment phase of COVID-19

These groups had previously been using teleworking tools. In addition, contingency measures have been put in place to guarantee the provision of the catalog of digital services to guard courts and other minimum services that are performed in person.

Thanks to this system, these groups have a virtual desktop with access to the ministry tools they normally use, with the possibility of also holding videoconferences. The General Sub-Directorate for New Technologies is working to expand the number of applications available from this virtual environment and the service of the User Service Center for the resolution of incidents and queries has been reinforced.

Teleworking is also allowing the continuity of the Toxicological Information Service that is provided remotely with total normality from the homes of INTCF physicians.

In addition, in order to guarantee the professional safety of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other groups in the telework environment, the Sub-Directorate General for New Technologies of Justice has launched a series of information campaigns to strengthen information security. , guarantee remote access to applications, facilitate communication via videoconference and email, with recommendations for the protection of the health of users.

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