Justice establishes bank transfer as a general means of making payments in legal proceedings

This measure seeks to guarantee that the amounts deposited in the courts for the payment of wages, alimony or compensation to crime victims, continue to be collected regularly, without this implying a greater exposure in the courts by lawyers of the Administration of Justice, professionals and citizens.

The Circular 1/2020, Signed by the Secretary General for Innovation and Quality of the Public Justice Service, Borja Vargues, sets the standards of action that the courts and independent professionals must follow to make effective payments and collections in these concepts, in compliance with Instruction 1 / 2020, issued by the same department, in order to guarantee the coverage of basic needs of citizens in these exceptional circumstances.

Bank transfer is established as a general means of making payments. When the person obliged to make a payment in a judicial process knows the account number of his creditor, he will make that transfer directly by any means that records the operation, and must later prove to the court the payment made. When the account number of the final recipient is not available, the transfer will be made to the judicial account that corresponds to the file.

The attorneys, lawyers, social graduates and other professionals who intervene on behalf of the parties, will exclusively request the payment of the concepts that are considered urgent by virtue of the essential services established and attending to the situation of need in which their recipients may be.

For their part, the lawyers of the Justice Administration will make the payments through the web application of the deposit and deposit account by bank transfer to the account provided by the creditor. In the event that you cannot carry out the operation from your telework environment, you must go to the court on your turn to cover the essential services set by the resolution of the Minister of Justice of March 30.

Any incidents that may occur in carrying out these actions will be resolved through the telematic user service system available in the web application itself.

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