Justice guarantees the transfer of the amounts deposited in the courts for the payment of compensation to victims, alimony and wages during the State of alarm

The Ministry of Justice has issued an instruction, signed by the Secretary General for Innovation and Quality of the Public Justice Service, as Secretary General of the Administration of Justice, which guarantees that the amounts deposited in the courts for payment wages, alimony or compensation to crime victims continue to be collected regularly during the state of alarm.

By virtue of this provision, it is established that the lawyers of the Administration of Justice must issue the commandments or authorize the corresponding transfers on time, either in person or from their telework environment, accessing the account management computer application or through the private area of ​​the portal of the Ministry of Justice. They are urged to identify as soon as possible the beneficiaries who cannot be identified through the data contained in the application or whose files cannot be immediately accessed.

The instruction establishes that when the management of the account of the judicial body corresponds to a lawyer in a situation of sick leave or inexcusable duty for the care of children or adults, the provincial coordinating secretary will authorize access to the ordinary substitute.

The provincial coordinating secretaries must send reminders to the Colleges of Attorneys and Lawyers of their territory about the convenience of providing the data of the current account of the beneficiaries, so that the payments can be verified more quickly by direct transfer.

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