Justice recalls the obligation to present the certificate of sexual crimes for activities related to minors

This document, free and issued electronically or in person at different institutions, proves the lack of this type of crime or, where appropriate, the existence of the same.

During 2019, a total of 2,679,931 citizens applied for this certificate, of which 85% did so through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice or through any of the telematic channels enabled for this purpose by the Territorial Managements of Justice, Government Delegations, City Halls, Autonomous Justice Councils, Provincial Councils, including professional centers such as schools, academies, hospitals, gyms, etc …

The slowdown in economic activity caused by the pandemic lowered the number of applications, especially in the three months of confinement. Even so, until May 31, 2020, the Ministry of Justice issued a total of 704,783 certificates.

The obligation to present this certificate to protect minors against sexual exploitation and abuse, is established by the Law 26/2015, of July 28, of modification of the protection system for children and adolescents, as well as for the Law 45/2015, of October 14, of Volunteering.

The Central Registry of Sex Offenders includes data on the identity and genetic profile of persons convicted by final judgment for crimes against sexual freedom and compensation and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation, including pornography. It is about avoiding that these convicted in final sentence can carry out activities or exercise professions or trades in contact with minors.

The certificate is free and can be requested through different channels. In the case of workers, they can do it electronically through the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Justice; in person in the records of the Territorial Management of the Ministry of Justice, in the Citizen Attention Center of Madrid, in the government delegations and subdelegations and in the records of any administrative organ that belongs to the General State Administration, to that of any Administration of the Autonomous Communities and that of any Local Administration; or by postal mail addressed to any of the territorial managements or to the Citizen Attention Center of Madrid.

By stating their mobile number in the application, the interested party will receive by SMS a secure code with which to download the certificate as many times as they need from the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice.

The entities in which they are going to work with minors can request the negative certificate (to prove that there is no history) of their workers jointly, with their express consent.

For their part, public administrations can request the negative certificate, with the worker's prior authorization, directly through the Data Intermediation Platform managed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. In this way, displacement is avoided and processing is expedited.

Citizens who opt for the electronic application must have a valid digital user certificate (electronic DNI, FNMT).

The Ministry facilitates through its page Web, all the information on the Central Registry of Sex Offenders.

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