The Court of First Instance Number 44 of Madrid has dismissed the lawsuit against the National Executive Committee of VOX caused by the replacement of the members of the CEN of Barcelona, ​​in October 2019, after the resignation of several of its members. The ruling recognizes that VOX "has not carried out any act that is not in accordance with the Statutes" of the formation at all.

The ruling "considers it proven" that "whoever was president of the CEP of Barcelona, ​​María Dolores Martín, resigned." It even refers to the fact that Martín proposed a substitute. And it was precisely motivated by the resignation of the president and four other members, in accordance with the party's statutes.

It is necessary to clarify that, in no case, the president of this formation, Santiago Abascal, has been sued. The lawsuit was directed against the formation, not against its president.

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