The General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Faith has issued separate instructions to ensure that the Property, Mercantile, Personal Property and Bankruptcy Registries, as well as notaries, will continue to adequately provide the basic minimum services for essential maintenance and development. of economic, corporate and financial activity during the state of alarm.

Minimum registry services

According to Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, during the validity of the health emergency, the Property, Mercantile, Personal Property and Bankruptcy Registries must keep the servers and teleworking posts operational, as well as the essential personnel to the face-to-face provision of the minimum services. These will be set by the registrar, attending to the needs of the office, safeguarding the principle of priority, the correct presentation of documents through legal channels and facilitating the formal publicity of the registered rights.
The telematic and fax presentation will be maintained, and security will be extreme in the procedures carried out in person. The Registers that are in the same building may agree on a single point of delivery of the documentation for internal distribution. The activity of the Registry will be essentially limited to the entry and presentation of documents and formal advertising.

The College of Registrars will maintain the electronic services and provide the minimum face-to-face services. In any case, the College's entry register will be kept closed for face-to-face presentation and will only be accepted online.

The instruction also modifies the Registry Contingency Plan approved on March 13, defining different protocols for the operation of the offices in a normal situation, in case of contagion, by closing the headquarters to the public or by disabling the Registry itself.

In the event that the emergency situation continues over time, the appropriate measures will be adopted.

Essential notarial services

On the other hand, in relation to notary services, the General Directorate establishes that the services related to the following activities are essential:

  • The procedural actions not suspended by Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14.
  • Compliance with tax obligations and processing of temporary employment regulation files.
  • Financing and insurance activities.
  • Notarial services in relation to professional services to the extent that their activities are essential, in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, of March 29, and regulations that develop this.
  • Those that derive from the non-interruption today of civil computations, as well as acts of a personal nature of an urgent nature.
  • In general, any other notarial activity necessary for the development of essential activities as provided in the Royal Decree Law.

The notary will maintain the essential personnel for the on-site provision of these minimum services, which will be fixed taking into account the needs of the office and in accordance with the provisions of the health authorities and with the Resolution of the General Directorate, which establishes that they may not No action of the aforementioned should be carried out if it is not possible to guarantee the minimum security space between people who come to the notary.

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