Juvenile A-Bruges: duel for the leadership

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NEWS | 10/01/2019 | Javier Vazquez

The subsidiary will look at Di Stéfano for his second victory to take charge of Group A in the UEFA Youth League (2:00 pm, #Vamos).

One more year, the UEFA Youth League returns to the stadium Alfredo Di Stefano, where he Youth A from Dani Poyatos will receive Bruges in the match corresponding to the second day of Group A (2:00 p.m., #Vamos). They face two teams that achieved victory on the first day, so that the leadership is at stake.

The Madrid subsidiary beat PSG at home and started off on the competition. Jordi Y Dotor they trailed the initial goal of the Parisians, while the Bruges youth team won 3-2 to Galatasaray. Both Real Madrid and Belgians, therefore, have three points to their credit and a difference of goals of +1, something they will try to change in a duel that is exciting.

Goalkeepers: Luis and Toni Fuidias.
Defenses: Pablo Ramón, Ismael, Chust, Miguel and Santos.
Midfielders: Esteban, Arribas, Álvaro, Jordi, Dotor, Sintes, Eneko, Theo and Baeza.
Forwards: Latasa and Pablo.

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