YE. King Felipe VI has received a delegation from the European Association of Cement Manufacturers (Cembureau) and from the Palacio de la Zarzuela Grouping of Cement Manufacturers of Spain, Oficemen, composed of the presidents of both entities, Raoul de Parisot and Víctor García Brosa, respectively; and the CEOs and other executives of the cement companies.

The president of Oficemen, Víctor García Brosa, has begun his speech by transferring to His Majesty, on behalf of the nine cement groups that are part of Oficemen, the gratitude for his interest in the Spanish cement industry; as well as The main challenge facing the sector today: the fight against climate change.

During his speech, García Brosa wanted to highlight also the important role that cement has historically represented in the industrialization of our country and in the emergence of urban centers; as well as in its contribution to the well-being and quality of life of citizens.

Along the same lines, the president of Cembureau, Raoul de Parisot, wanted to highlight S.M. King Felipe VI the efforts that the cement industry is making to reduce its CO2 emissions throughout the entire value chain of cement and concrete, its main derivative product. In this sense, de Parisot stressed that “concrete is the fundamental building material for a more sustainable future thanks to its durability, low maintenance, thermal inertia, recyclability and, above all, its potential to reabsorb CO2, which can reach turn our cities into carbon sinks. ”

During the hearing, which took place in a relaxed manner, the members of the Oficemen Board of Directors, Ignacio Gómez, of Cementos Balboa; Salvador Fernández Capo, of Cementos Molins; Julio Peláez, from Cementos Tudela Veguín; José Manuel Cascajero, of Cemex Spain; Alan Svaiter of Votorantim Cimentos; Jesús Ortiz, of Heidelberg Cement Hispania; and Pedro Carranza of Cementos Portland Valderrivas; All of them are accompanied by the general director of the cement company, Aniceto Zaragoza.

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