Kroos has assisted six players this season

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NEWS | 03/03/2020

The German midfielder has 7 goal passes so far this season.

Toni Kroos left in the Classic one more sample of his exceptional vision of the game with the assistance he gave Vinicius Jr. In the first goal of the match. With this there are already seven goal passes signed by the German midfielder in what we have been in season (4 in League, 2 in the Copa del Rey and 1 in the Champions League).

It happens that only one of these 7 assists of Kroos the player who ended up taking the ball to the net has been repeated: Varane, against him Getafe in League and in front of Saragossa in the Copa del Rey. The remaining five have been to Casemiro against him Witches; to Nacho in Valladolid; Lucas Vázquez in the aforementioned Zaragoza match; Bouquets against him Alaves; Y Vinicius Jr. in the Classic

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