Kroos: "I hope to achieve many more successes at Real Madrid"

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INTERVIEW | 05/21/2019

"Before I thought it was impossible to win three Champions in a row and we have shown that we can," he said on Realmadrid TV.

After signing your contract extension with the Real Madrid until June 30, 2023, Toni Kroos He explained his feelings in an interview with Realmadrid TV: "I am very happy. I hope to be many years here and get many more successes. Next season we will start with a lot of desire and motivation to do better. "

  1. How do you feel after this contract extension?

    I am very happy for the renovation. I hope to be many more years here and get many more successes. It's a very special day.

  2. What does it mean for you to continue being part of a legendary club like Real Madrid?

    I've been here for five years, I've been in Madrid for a long time as a player and as a person, and I'm very happy. I want to change the feeling of the last season and have more successes. We know how it works, we have shown it in previous years and I am sure we are going to do it.

  3. On the day of your presentation in 2014, President Florentino Pérez told you: "Here, the impossible does not exist." After 5 seasons, what do you think makes Real Madrid so special?

    I used to believe that it was impossible to win three Champions in a row and we have shown that it is possible. It is true what the president said in 2014, and we are going for more successes with great enthusiasm and motivation after such a season. Next season we will compete for all competitions.

  4. You have won 12 titles in the club, including 3 Champions with Zidane as coach. What does this coach have to earn so much?

    He was a great player and helps us a lot as a coach because of the experience he has in every situation in the field. Understand the costumes, have a good idea of ​​the game that I like. I like the control of the ball, the pressure up … We won a lot and hopefully we will do it again.

  5. What can we expect from Real Madrid next season?

    We have to rest the body and the head so that afterwards we start from the beginning of the season with much desire and motivation to do better.

  6. What message do you give the Madridistas?

    Hello Madridians, I am very happy to be many more years together. Hopefully we have many successes in the coming years. We are going to improve a lot, I am very happy and I send you a greeting.

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