Kroos: "Rodrygo can play here for 15 years for sure"

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NEWS | 11/06/2019

"The team has been very compact for 90 minutes and we have had an overwhelming start," Carvajal explained.

Toni Kroos, Carvajal Y Valverde appeared before the media after the win of the Real Madrid against Galatasaray (6-0). The German highlighted the team's performance: “We have made good matches during the season and today has been another one of them. I understand that the fans leave happy as the day of Leganés. The good thing is that we don't lose at home. Today we have scored 3 goals in 15 minutes. ”

"Rodrygo He has not only played well today. He has played the last games well. With 18 years he helps us now. For that age he plays very well. Play easy and do not lose many balls, which is important for the team. We need goals and he is one more option. You can play here for 15 years sure for its quality. ”


"He helps me, Casemiro, Modric … Everyone, no matter who plays. Valverde He does very well. He is very young too. I'm a Valverde fan. ”

Internal standards

“We have rules inside the locker room and they say that players who are not called can leave 10 minutes before the game. No problem for that. ”

Carvajal: "The team is in ascending line"

“It has been one of the best games. The team has been very compact for 90 minutes and we have had an overwhelming start. After the last break we have only conceded one goal and the team is in an upward line ”.


“Everyone has sacrificed, we have been concentrated, we have run with and without the ball being supportive. We must follow this line and so few teams can beat us. The best way to respect the opponent is to continue doing our job, run and try to make more goals. It is essential in football and we have had the utmost respect. ”

Carvajal: "Benzema is one of the pillars of our team and Real Madrid."

“We knew the importance of this match. Trying to move to the round of 16 was to win the game today. We have two left and if we win the PSG we will be mathematically classified. When we play that game we will try to go for all and seal that pass. But first we have our mind set on the match against Eibar. ”


“It is one of our pillars, of the pillars of Real Madrid and it is sure that it will continue to increase this figure in this club. I congratulate him because he is a fantastic player. "


"He is at a superlative level. He has made a spectacular game, with a hat-trick and an assistance. He was deserving it. Today we have seen the best Rodrygo since he arrived but we are not surprised because we see him every day in training. He is a fantastic boy. Today things went well for him and he sure is doing very well because he has impressive potential. I congratulate you on the match. ”

Similar trajectories
"Real Madrid and Barcelona are two clubs with a very high level of demand. In League let's go co-leaders and in the Champions we have advanced the pass to eighth both. All teams go bumpy and what counts in the end is that we are there and hopefully we fight for all possible titles. ”

Internal codes

“The issue was settled by the coach at a press conference. Our internal regime allows us to leave earlier. No one has to doubt or James neither of Bale. When I am not summoned if I think it is appropriate to leave 10 minutes before I am going to leave. Nobody breaches any rule and does not doubt the commitment of any player with the team. ”

Valverde: "We are all important"

"The result proves that it was a good performance, but we must highlight the intensity, effort and respect for the rival. Despite the wide range of results, the Galatasaray continued to run as if it were 0-0. The key was to press up and try to recover balls near the rival area. Thus several goals have arrived and we are satisfied. Now we must think about Éibar "

United team

"Where the coach asks me, I will try to do my best for the team. We are all important, we try to win minutes and those of us who have come out have given our best. We are a united team that fights for the same goals."

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