Kroos, the best passer in the League

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NEWS | 11/08/2019

The white midfielder has 93.29% success at the start of the championship.

Toni Kroos He continues to be the king of the pass. The German has stood out in this facet since he arrived at the Real Madrid in 2014 and at the start of the League He is showing it again. With a 93.29% effectiveness, he is the best passer in the competition. Behind him are De Jong (91.96%) and Le Normand (91.44%), taking into account all players who accumulate at least 250 passes.

Key piece of the center of the Madrid field, Kroos It shows its reliability in the pass also in the opposite field (91.72%). The German has played ten of the eleven games of League. Only the Mallorca game was lost due to injury. In addition, he has already scored two goals in the championship, which he achieved against Celta on the first day and against Leganés in the eleventh.

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