Kroos: "Winning the League was the goal at the beginning of the season"

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NEWS | 07/16/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"Getting the title is something unique and very difficult to explain," Valverde explained.

After proclaiming league champion with the Real Madrid, Kroos attended to Realmadrid tv and said: “We are very happy. Win the League was the goal early in the season. We had not obtained it for three years and that bothered us. I had the feeling that we all wanted to win the League and that is what has been seen in every game. We have not always played so well, but the team has made an effort in the final stretch of the season by conceding few goals. And that's because we have all worked together. We deserved to win this League ”.

"Before confinement we won the Classic, then we lost against Betis and we were two points less than Barcelona. But we told ourselves that there were 11 games left and that we had 11 finals ahead. In many matches we won 1-0 or 0-1, but our strength was that we wanted to give everything on the field to achieve this League"

“We have improved a lot in defense in recent games because we have received few goals. If you defend with six or seven players you receive more goals. It has been our strength because we knew that up there we could do something ”.

Valverde: "Each one has contributed that grain of sand"

"It is a joy to have won the League and it is something unique. I thank my teammates, coaching staff, fans and my family for their confidence throughout the year. I will enjoy this title with my son. Sometimes that anxiety can affect you, that desire to have the title in your hands and you still had to face several games. We did it in a good way, always with that anxiety; in the end we did it ”.

“Everyone on the team has contributed that grain of sand, that effort that the coach asks for, with a common goal and I think it has been demonstrated. During the season there have been many games that have been difficult and we have won them. Win this League it is something beautiful and very difficult to explain. It is the most beautiful thing I have achieved ”.

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