06-30-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for Cs in the Senate reproaches Conseller Buch and Minister Celaá that "they have shown that even in a case as sensitive as fires are not able to put politics aside"

The spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) in the Senate and the Parliament of Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, has assured that "no matter how much they insult us or paint us, they will not be able to shut us up in our defense for the rights of the LGTBI collective".

After the aggressions suffered by the orange formation in the celebrations of pride organized in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville, Roldán explained that "nobody has come out of the closet because of their sexual condition raising their hands and confronting the authoritarians so that now other authoritarian to put them in another closet for their ideas ", and announced that after the aggression suffered in Barcelona, ​​where several people attacked the Cs bus," we are going to take the appropriate legal actions to identify those who attacked us yesterday because intolerance can not Go unpunished".

Cs spokeswoman in the Senate has also had words of concern about the fires that are sweeping our country these days, and has transferred all the support and thanks to the professionals who are working to control these fires, while lamenting " very irresponsible statements such as that of the Councilor Buch, that not even in a sensitive and sensitive issue like this one is capable of setting aside the procés and even make politics with the flames, "just as he has had words for Minister Celaá," which shows how the PSOE buys all the frames and mantras of separatism, and tells us about a fire in Spanish Catalan territory. We do not know what part of Catalonia is not Spain. "

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