Labor reaches an agreement with banks to advance the payment of unemployment benefits

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, through the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), has today reached an agreement with banking entities, which have offered, exceptionally, to advance payment of benefits to their clients for unemployment, corresponding to this month of April that begins today.

Given the situation of sanitary and economic crisis, caused by the Covid19, and to alleviate the situation of difficulty caused by the pandemic, as well as to guarantee the liquidity with which to face the payments at the beginning of the month, it has been agreed with the bank employers that the payment of the benefits can be made in advance of the payment date initially foreseen in the calendar, April 9 (being the 10th, the usual date of collection, public holiday). The deposit will be made, thus, in the first days of the month.

For this reason, the SEPE has sent to the banks the information necessary to facilitate the advance payment of benefits, as well as the necessary instructions to the provincial directorates for the management of this advance payment of the subsidy.

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