The year 2017 was a year without a coronavirus in Soria, on October 25 of that year, a sanitary module of the army, as part of a field hospital, it was set up in Mariano Granados square, the purpose was to see the predisposition of our army in case of disaster or public need.

A month later, in that same year, on November 16, at the V Forum of Excellence in Health, the Healthcare Management of Soria received the Selected Good Practice Award "Job satisfaction and professional burnout".

«Professional wear, sanitary module, 2017…»

This year, 2020, in Soria there are coronaviruses.

At the beginning of this pandemic, the province of Soria lived with concern that there would be a case in Soria. It was going to be inevitable and the fear could be felt. It took us a while to get our first positive, although it is true that tests were not performed without previous symptoms. which could camouflage that there was already a case.

Almost at the same time of putting the cry in the sky, before the escapes of the people of Madrid and the Basque Country towards their second residence in Sorian lands, we had the first cases of those affected by the coronavirus.

The situation was alarming, we had 10 ICU beds for 80,000 Sorians, ten or perhaps twelve days later, the efforts of those responsible made it possible for us to have 21 ICU beds and they were looking for more respirators.

These were days of bewilderment where we saw hospital health personnel protect themselves with garbage bags for lacking PPE. At the same time, at least two residences in the Soria capital raised their alarm bells at what was happening inside. It would still take days to know the "reality" of the events in these residences and we left it to the prosecution at a later time to this socio-sanitary drama that investigates the events that occurred.

With these numbers we understand that the ratio of beds was too insufficient for how it was said that this virus would behave and its exponential rate of contagion. The truth is that we are well below the necessary ICU beds and well below the adequate hospital beds to care for at least 2% of the population of Soria in the face of this situation created by the coronavirus.

We lack sufficient healthcare human resources.

Today, we lack sufficient health human resources to provide adequate and effective care to patients affected by coronavirus, there are an insufficient number of doctors, nurses and other health personnel. This also implies that the rest of the trauma has a lower quality service.

Today, Soria health professionals are fighting for their lives and for ours. If a few days ago we saw how they protected themselves with garbage bags at the Hospital of Santa Bárbara, due to the shortage of EPI protection means, today we see how more spaces with beds are created, to be able to attend to the Sorians affected by coronavirus. The fact is that, although we put more beds, we lack sufficient human resources for care.

The measures taken by the Board to refer patients to the Valladolid hospital is very prudent, but no one will deny that the Valladolid Hospital may collapse and this measure would ultimately be insufficient for the people of Soria. Rather it seems a patch in the "tempo" of this crisis.

The services of the ERIE unit with which the Government has endowed us are grateful for the way in which we lose our loved ones and the consequences that they leave us, as we cannot say goodbye to them. But does the government mean by this to prepare for the worst? Doesn't it give us more?

Therefore, what urges us to know, here, now, in Soria, is, if the Soria capital is going to be able to count on the presence of a Campaign Hospital that has human assistance resources that can fill the lack of Soria health, which is greatly depleted in resources in order to be an effective aid for the people of Soria.

The time to set up that hospital in each capital of the Spanish province should have occurred perhaps much earlier, but we are growing in solutions to the rhythm of the pandemic and with infections we add beds and with them healthcare resources.

Now is the time to create this new healthcare resource in Soria.

Yes, in Soria, that orphan province of assistance, means, highways, railway lines, educational and labor resources that can fix that population of Soria that emigrates every year to study abroad and does not return or, resources that attract new residents. Soria, that province of "Empty Spain" for some and perhaps "emptied" for others.

It is time to talk about Soria, because like other places in Spain we have urgent and imperative needs. A Campaign Hospital, please. Not just a module. A prize for the health of Soria, today, because they are doing their work with hardly any resources, A tribute to our toilets and to the units of the UME that today cleaned the residences of the Burgo de Osma, a tribute to the farmers and ranchers who suffer the crisis while trying to supply the markets, for the truckers who walk our roads with snow and ice and to each of the people who have become necessary and essential to overcome this pandemic.

From here I throw the question, for when the Campaign Hospital in Soria?

VOX Soria is committed to the people of Soria, even though it is the third political force in Soria by number of votes and not having representation, we are pending everything that happens in Soria to demand, where we enjoy visibility, assistance resources for this province.

Much encouragement in these difficult hours for so many and from here all our support and love.


Writes: Miguel Ángel Miguel Andrés

Local VOX Coordinator in Burgo de Osma

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