José Ignacio Landaluce interviene en el Senado.

The PP senator assures that "we need to bet on Andalusia, Cádiz and Campo de Gibraltar

The senator for the province of Cádiz, José Ignacio Landaluce, defended today a motion by his Group regarding the lack of inspection, technical and administrative personnel at the Algeciras Border Inspection Point (PIF).

Landaluce has valued the complex moments that the Campo de Gibraltar is going through, as a result of the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union, as well as the strong threat from other international ports of the same level that have great support from their States, such as Sines, Tanger Med and Gioia Tauro.

"We need to bet on Andalusia, Cádiz and Campo de Gibraltar. It is imperative that the Port of Algeciras be endowed with human resources, but it would give for another motion that in the port of Algeciras, the State Security Forces and Bodies are working below their catalog, ”the popular senator claimed.

Landaluce has charged against the Government and has denounced that "if with the increase of 4 temporary officials, with a 12-month contract, the problem of lack of personnel has been solved, believe me not."

During the course of the motion, the popular defended the management of the PIF staff, which "despite being scarce, they do an important job despite not being valued economically, despite the increase in work they have in this area with with respect to other areas of Spain ”.

It should be remembered that Landaluce has been one of the faithful defenders in the Campo de Gibraltar of the area of ​​special singularity for the officials who work in the region, in order to achieve the roots that allow the workers to want to retain their work experience in the south.

“It is vital to increase, at least, 28 more places so that the service can assume the current volume and the expected growth, since there is a significant deficit in the staff of the Plant Health, Foreign, Inspection, Surveillance and Export Regulation services (SOIVRE), as well as in the work team of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras ”, highlighted the senator of the Popular Group.

Likewise, Landaluce has claimed important infrastructures to materialize in the Campo de Gibraltar region, which were part of the Campo de Gibraltar Comprehensive Plan and which, according to the senator "is two years late, and we do not know how many more will remain."

Finally, the popular senator has indicated that according to the estimate of the Bay Port Authority, the figures for truck and trailer units may be increased by 2025 to 600,000 units, but for this it is necessary to have a modern and high-quality train. benefits, that have greater energy efficiency, and with that union we will be able to be more competitive.

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