The president of the National Association of Large Distribution Companies, ANGEDAlfonso Merry del Val has demanded in the Annual Assembly "a long-term country plan" and "implement reforms as soon as possible to help face the fourth industrial revolution." During the day, eight presidents and CEO of some of the main distribution companies in Spain have discussed consumption trends and the future of commerce.

In a context of risk of economic stagnation and political paralysis, Merry del Val has listed eleven urgent reforms to underpin the competitiveness of the Spanish economy and modernize trade. As an indispensable starting point, he recalled that the “stability and institutional loyalty are a pillar for the confidence of economic actors"And requires" a commitment"Of the Government and the autonomous communities"with the whole of the Spanish economy"

In ANGED's opinion, it is necessary to implement a budget policy aligned with European commitments; innovate in The education as the basis of future employment; keep moving forward in the flexibility of labor relations; respond to demographic challenges and their impact on pensions and health; and one fully coordinated transition with the EU towards a sustainable economy, which guarantees more competitive electricity prices.

The president of ANGED has highlighted the role of trade in the economy: "It is crucial for value chains to be competitive, companies can grow and internationalize, consumers have freedom of choice and competitive prices." But technological disruption, social changes and the global competitive environment demand Five reforms to help modernize trade.

First, check and delete those regulations that only apply to companies with physical stores and constitute an advantage de facto for large online platforms. In second, liberalize business hours to help adapt to the reality of consumption. Third, reform the fiscal framework to boost competitiveness and not generate discrimination between business models and sales channels. A fourth point goes through develop more effectively the Guarantee Law of Market Unit because "we cannot compete with 17 dwarf markets in a global economy." Finally, boost the digitalization of companies, training and training of new professional profiles, to incorporate as many businesses and people as possible into the digital era.

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