Dear Teodoro:

I receive your request to support the amendment that the PP is about to present to the articles of the draft Law on General State Budgets for the year 2021.

I see with surprise that it is about encouraging the creation of "chiringuitos", whether they are NGOs, neighborhood associations or other entities that live under the public purse in their different versions, that is, at the expense of Spain that works and gets up early, that as you know, it represents the majority of the people of the Murcia region, as well as Spain.

You mention the protection of the Mar Menor, in which I absolutely agree, the livelihood and future of many families who fish in its waters, with which I also agree, and reminding you that fishing is at an excellent time , as well as you also mention the possibility of a sustainable boost to the activity of the entire region. Here I want to tell you that praxis shows us that all the "beach bars" have attacked and attack agricultural and tourist production, which is perfectly compatible with the maintenance of the Mar Menor.

To do this, the actions proposed by Vox must be applied, consisting of opening the gullies, creating a perimeter drainage ditch with the collection of the waters loaded with nitrates and phosphates that penetrate the Mar Menor, and their shipment and subsequent desalination in the existing plant for this purpose in San Pedro del Pinatar. Also in the energetic action of a separative sanitation in the districts of the four municipalities that border the Mar Menor, and the derivation of the Rambla del Albujón to the Mediterranean if we want to avoid the long-term grounding of the Mar Menor.

Likewise, for the "sustainable promotion of the activity of the entire region" a zero brine plan must be acted upon, in which I do not see the collaboration of the government of the Autonomous Community.

Likewise, if your interest were the defense of the Mar Menor and the sustainable promotion of the activity of the entire region, your group and those who voted in favor of the recent Law of the Autonomous Community on protection of the Mar Menor, should revoke it at the brevity, given its very possible unconstitutionality due to lack of competence of the promulgating body and lack of respect for private property, as well as supporting a series of absolutely useless measures to protect the Mar Menor, but that yes, totally detrimental to tourism activities and the Agriculture.

I hope to have your support and backing, as a good ciezano who saw his childhood dawn on the shores of the Mar Menor and who saw the economy of Murcia grow with the development of tourism and agriculture in the Mar Menor area, to take forward the true protection of our Mar Menor and our regional economy, as well as that of Spain.

Receives a warm greeting.

Signed: Luis Gestoso

P.D .: I will send this letter to the media, following your acting example.

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