Andrea Levy

• Requests that before returning to schools the Minister of Education "return from hiding" and not leave "to the free will of the CCAA the plan to return to classrooms, when there is a public health problem that falls to the Government"

• Demands "an emergency plan for the tourism sector", that ERTE be extended "at least until the first quarter of 2021" and economic and fiscal measures "to rescue our economy"

• He demands that Iglesias “give explanations” already in Congress for the illegal financing of his party and reminds him that he is “the supreme leader” of his formation

• He assures that Iglesias has become a “tough face for not showing his face” in the face of corruption cases and recalls that before “he always pointed Torquemada's finger, asked for explanations and was the champion of ethics and morals”

• Alerts Sánchez that "the Government of Spain cannot negotiate budgets with a party investigated for illegal financing"

• Considers that the royal decree on the use of remnants of the municipal treasury "what it does is steal from the pockets of the neighbors those social policies that they may need the most" in this crisis. "The municipalities are in the front line at the moment and they are the ones who best know social priorities", he adds

• Asks Montero to reconsider the PP proposal to "redefine a new agreement on municipal financing and not create more problems"

• He defends the cultural sector and warns that "we need a Minister of Culture who really stands up for artists"

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