La presidenta del Comité de Derechos y Garantías, Andrea Levy

• It argues that the Government will not pass the September revalidation and demands that Sánchez not be “hostage to his pro-ETA partners”

• Highlights the sense of state of the Popular Party and explains that the president of the PP will propose in his meeting with Pedro Sánchez the Plan Casado, which includes the measures that the Spanish need: health plan, legal plan and economic measures plan

• He assures that Pablo Casado will not go to Moncloa to "take his photo or sell smoke but to make proposals that improve the lives of Spaniards." "Pedro Sánchez cannot turn a deaf ear to the serious proposals of the main opposition party," he adds.

• Asks the Government to work for all Spaniards and coordinate policies against the pandemic. “The Government of Spain is being sought in the face of a national crisis that affects all the Autonomous Communities, its powers are unavoidable and you cannot wash your hands. They have many ministers, but little government that manages, ”he emphasizes

• It highlights that the Government has had an internal problem, "a marital crisis that makes the relationship between Sánchez and Iglesias no longer so happy on the Moncloa mattress"

• Explains that Spaniards are concerned that "this new internal crisis will translate into lack of control when what we need is a united government to manage the pandemic"

• Calls for a "safe and quiet" return to the classroom and demands that the Ministry of Education coordinate the policies for going back to school and say "with certainty" what it is going to do "so as not to continue worrying parents and students"

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