Levy points out that "nothing has been better after the motion of censure, neither employment, nor the political situation of Catalonia, nor the defense of Spain's interests in the world"

The President of the Rights and Guarantees Committee of the PP, Andrea Levy, has asked the Riojaans “a united vote of hope this Sunday, a vote that does not disappear on November 11. Only the Popular Party will respond to their future expectations and opportunities for all. The vote of anger, of frustration, of rage, the vote is not possible disappears on November 11. On the other hand, if we are going to vote together, looking forward to changing things, we will be able to get jobs and opportunities back together. The Spain of progress was truncated with the motion of censure. Nothing has been better after the motion of censure, or employment, or the political situation of Catalonia, or the defense of Spain's interests in the world. ”

Andrea Levy made these statements today, day 6, in a press conference, together with the Vice Secretary of Social Policy of the PP and PP Candidate of La Rioja to Congress, Cuca Gamarra, and Candidate for Congress, Javier Merino.

“The Government of Pedro Sánchez is being a lost time for La Rioja, which has not clearly defended the interests of the wine sector or agrifood products clearly, as it should have done, in the face of the threat of United States tariffs. Pablo Casado will give his face in defense of the wine where it must be done, in a bilateral meeting with the United States, defending the interests of the sector and fighting so that there is no rise in tariffs, ”he said.

Andrea Levy recalled that “Pedro Sánchez did not appear with the whole truth in the debate because he was ashamed to say that there were almost 100,000 more unemployed Spaniards. He does not deserve to be in office for another day because he is unable to solve one of the country's main problems. The PSOE said that it is progress, when it is deeply backward. Only the Popular Party is capable of converting that unemployment into employment, as we did in the past. On November 10 there is a solution to unemployment: vote for the Popular Party. ”

The President of the Rights and Guarantees Committee of the PP, also Councilor for Culture and Sports of the City of Madrid, has moved during her visit to La Rioja to the town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. In this regard, he highlighted “the importance of the Camino de Santiago for its heritage, cultural and tourist value, which we must put in value to promote a seasonally adjusted and quality destination. For that reason, it is vital to maintain 1.5% Cultural. I regret that this year we are at zero and the cultural and heritage of this situation will be harmed. The PP will recover these actions and claim the cultural and tourism that generate new opportunities. ”

For its part, the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy of the PP and Candidate of the PP of La Rioja to Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has reviewed some of the infrastructure commitments, “which go through assuming each and every one of the points of the Pact for the Infrastructures approved in the Parliament of La Rioja and make them a reality from the budgets and the bulletin ”.

Regarding the airport, he pointed out that “the viability and connectivity of the airport goes through the declaration of routes with Madrid and Barcelona as public service obligations, to guarantee communications as an element of competitiveness for the economic and social fabric of the region” .

In the field of railways, in addition to the construction of the Rincón de Soto railway variant, it has defended the inclusion of La Rioja in the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Railway Hub as a mixed corridor of goods and high-speed passengers.

In the field of roads, Cuca Gamarra recalled the commitment of the Popular Party to unfold National Highway 232 between Calahorra-Alfaro and the Arrúbal-Calahorra section. In turn, he congratulated himself on the beginning of the Southern Round of Logroño and recalled that the Popular Party “drafted the projects and provided them with funding in the 2018 budget. This start of work is very important and we are glad that the The work carried out by this party has finally materialized at the beginning of the works ”.

Another of the infrastructure commitments referred to is that the toll of the AP-68 be free from 2026, as well as the impulse to the A-15 Soria-Tudela Highway and the immediate execution of the A -12 on the stretch between Santo Domingo de la Calzada and Villamayor del Río.

The commitment of the PP with the Underground is to continue the works to conclude phase I, continue with phases II and III "and continue working to improve the participation of Logroño and La Rioja in the distribution of the operation deficit" , It is finished.

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