Holders of the statements before the media:

  • He says that "with this PSOE able to agree with Bildu we are not going anywhere," because it is clear that it is able to sell to each and every one of the Spaniards, for being one day in the armchair of Moncloa.
  • He points out that what we have seen in the letter published today is that for the PSOE in Navarra, Bildu will be a priority partner. And this, "we are very concerned, because in these territorial pacts the future of Spain is played," he adds.
  • He criticizes that after the “embarrassment” offered by the leader of the PSOE this week in the investiture debate, “today we know a Pedro Sánchez capable of denigrating our Rule of Law and our Nation with that pact, at all costs, with Bildu in Navarre".
  • "What does Pedro Sánchez have left to destroy what we know about Spain, what we know as political and democratic dignity, and what we knew as PSOE?"
  • He warns that "everything is not valid in politics," nor that a party that says it is constitutionalist "goes hand in hand with Navarre with Bildu and those who, precisely, have placed themselves on the opposite side of the Constitution."
  • Remember that the PP has an alliance of Democrats, constitutionalists in the Foral Community, which is called Navarra Suma, “because we believe that in those places where constitutionalists must go together to join forces, the acronym is over and what prevails are the interests general ”.
  • He affirms that “more Sánchez is less Spain” and that the PP “will defend the basic constitutional elements of coexistence, of our Nation and remember that Spain is not sold, that it is not sold in Navarra.
  • In relation to the future government of the Community of Madrid, Levy hopes that an agreement will be reached as has happened in Murcia and recalls that on the part of the PP there is goodwill and the willows to do so.

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