Live Creators: Lucía Carballal

You can already see the direct that Lucía Carballal offered to the followers of the National Dramatic Center (CDN) in Instagram. After five days in which the CDN offered the possibility of downloading The barbarians , the author spoke with readers about the most outstanding aspects of the work.
Lucía Carballal explained the main motivation that prompted her to write this title. He stated: "I wanted to talk about the generation of women my mother's age, who are now over sixty years old, as they are part of the cultural fabric and yet they do not have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the fictions as protagonists."
This critical, poignant and funny comedy that deals with friendship and feminism was premiered, directed by Carol López, at the Valle-Inclán Theater.

We leave you the full video of the live on Instagram with Lucía Carballal!

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