Live Creators: Paloma Pedrero

Paloma Pedrero affirmed, during the live meeting on our Instagram channel, that "we are celebrating that transsexuality is something that must be in the world as a diversity and a wonderful reality."

This March 31 we celebrate the International Day of Trans Visibility, dedicated to raising awareness against discrimination against trans people around the world.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the National Dramatic Center (CDN) invited Paloma Pedrero, author and director of Transformation, a project starring three trans boys in search of their own way of building their identity, to chat live on their Instagram channel on this subject and attend to questions from viewers.

In addition to her extensive career in the field of performing arts, Pedrero is the founder of Fallen from the sky, which for more than a decade has been dedicated to helping people at risk of social exclusion through theater. With this NGO, he has worked with groups such as homeless people, refugees, women victims of gender violence, people with disabilities … This project was born from working with transgender people, Transformation.

We leave you the full video of the live on Instagram with Paloma Pedrero!

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