He National Dramatic Center (CDN) hosts the next Monday, September 23 the dialogue «Living memory between Manuel Gallardo and Nuria Gallardo» within the cycle «Living memory. Meetings with masters of the scene », organized by the Documentation Center for the Performing Arts and Music Y the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain.

The meeting will be attended by the actor Manuel Gallardo and her daughter the actress Nuria Gallardo. Both interpreters have worked for the National Dramatic Center on several occasions. Manuel Gallardo premiered in the CDN eight productions in the sixties: Mourning suits Electra well (1965), Mr. Adrián the cousin (1966), The sun in the anthill (1966), The elf lady (1966), The evildoers of good (1966), I remember Jacinto Benavente (1966), The head of the Baptist; The king's crush; Paper rose (1967) and Low funds (1968). For its part, Nuria Gallardo, has represented in the CDN eight works throughout the eighties and nineties: The family album (1982), The mallard (1982), Bohemian lights (1984), Don Juan last (1992), You will die of something else (1992), Fernando Krapp wrote me this letter (1993), Marat-Sade (Persecution and murder of Juan Pablo Marat represented by the Hospice de Charentón theater group, directed by Mr. Sade) (1994) and Freedom (1998).

The dialogue, with entry pound until full capacity, will be held on Monday, September 23at 20:00 hours, in the El Mirlo Blanco Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n, Plaza de Lavapiés, Madrid).

It is framed within the activities of Monday with voice of the National Dramatic Center, which aims to promote the encounter between the professionals of the scene with the general public.

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