23 November 2020

A group of members of VOX they have walked the streets of Burriana where there are “squatted” houses. In the itinerary carried out, the National Deputy, Alberto Asarta, the Deputy in Valencian Cortes and President of VOX Castellón, Plains Massó, as well as the councilors of the town council, Juan Canós Y Jesus Albiol.

Squatting is a problem that has spread dangerously lately in Burriana, without the owners being able to do little or nothing and without the administration taking action on the matter.

Juan Canós: "Illegal occupation is a crime that must always be prosecuted. Without respect for private property, Liberation is impossiblertad. "

For the Deputy in the Valencian Courts, “If there are specific cases of families that resort to occupation as an extreme necessity, the Consell is the main culprit that has allowed that point to be reached. In any case, illegality is never a valid path. "

VOX has always defended that private property is one of the basic pillars of our society, they defend it because legal security is essential to be a modern country, to be a respectable society, and to have a future. Since VOX They have always declared that they would ensure that the savings and houses of the Spanish are protected, so they consider that the Consell makes an improper use of the property of all Valencians by allowing the occupation of houses in the public park.

Alberto Asarta: " VOX works in parliament to guarantee private property in Castellón and throughout the national territory, threatened by a “squatter movement” endorsed by the social-communist government. In fact, there are several NLPs that our party has presented in the Cortes to end the illegal ‘squatting’ of homes"

Jesus Albiol was clear in the solution and in those responsible: “The problem of homeless people is not solved by allowing squatting but by providing a public park of social housing, something that the current rulers seem to forget by transferring their obligation to individuals "

Finally, given the threats received by the neighbors, coming from the “squatters”, Juan Canós has been blunt: "In VOX we will not allow any Spaniard to live in fear”.

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