Rocío Monasterio visited the Valencian parliament today at the hands of Paz Vega, spokesman in the Valencian chamber of VOX, next to Llanos Massó, president of VOX in Castellón.

In the framework of the event, Masó has been asked about the letter sent by the regional secretary of education, Miquel Soler, in which urged the principal teams of public schools to what do not pronounce in writing before the request of families of previous information on the activities that are going to be carried out in the school center.

"A very curious thing, a preventive letter of the parental pin of VOX when it is not even approved in the Valencian Community ”, commented the Castellón president of VOX.

To which he added: “They already preventively become defensive. In that letter, it's a accumulation of nonsense, lies and manipulations They talk about the fact that our parental pin measure goes against the rights of children and international treaties signed by Spain. That is absolutely false. ”

Massó, in addition, has spoken about the consequences of this measure: “With which, to that point that supposes for many families to have to say that their son is not going to attend we add him to a Witch hunt which will directly take over the territorial direction of education ”.

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