TO Llanos Massó it seems essential to him to eliminate all kinds of subsidies that have nothing to do with social aid, our elderly or health care and that these funds are used to fight against covid-19, to promote job creation and to save our companies and Our economy, in short, to help our self-employed, SMEs and families, but fundamentally to fight this disease.

In reference to the request for Vox to the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community of the real figures of the number of deaths from coronavirus, Massó He affirmed that he thinks that the numbers of deceased that are being given officially do not correspond to reality, first, he explained, because the funeral homes themselves say that the figures that are being given do not correspond to the number of burials being carried out and because It is impossible to know the number of deaths due to the coronavirus if the population or the deceased who were not in a hospital are not being tested. In Vox they believe that the number of deceased is much higher than that of the administration.

Llanos Massó He defended those who are fighting on the front line, who are forced, as has been denounced, to search the garbage for material to recycle. He stated: "A government, both national and regional, cannot send people to fight without the necessary weapons. If our health workers fall, who is going to assist us, it is essential that our health workers have all the appropriate protection measures, it is dramatic. that our community is one of those with a higher percentage of infected toilets, cannot be tolerated. This Autonomous Government is doing a disastrous management of the crisis ”

He added that "you cannot consent to what is being done with our elders and that when all this happens you will have to demand responsibilities in all areas".

Regarding the distribution of existing funds, he described as "dramatic that we have to be demanding that certain subsidies have to immediately leave where they are and be aimed at this fight against the pandemic."

On the delay in collecting payrolls for workers in nursing homes, Massó He commented that it is not a new problem, "workers have been delayed in collecting their wages for many months," it is, he continued, "extremely serious that subsidies continue to be given for political or ideological reasons."

In relation to the payrolls of the deputies, Llanos Massó He clarified: "We have proposed that the supplement for the performance of the function, which is linked to your going to Las Cortes to carry out your work, not be charged in this period of time when we are not traveling to Las Cortes"

Regarding the paralysis situation in Las Cortes, he said that "Vox It is asking that the Cortes resume their activity, in the way that is convenient, it has also been requested that the Permanent Deputation be convened because what cannot be is that it takes more than a month without any counselor lending himself to the control of the Autonomous Parliament "

On the sanitary material that the Community receives, and of which the Government of Ximo Puig so presumes, Llanos Massó It was forceful: "It is still insufficient material seeing what we are seeing, the situation in hospitals. Now the workers are returned and the companies are held responsible for their protection when the government, both regional and national, should be responsible for them. Of course material is coming, it is possible that we are one of the communities that is receiving the most material but it is not enough, and it is not enough due to the lack of foresight of this Government, its mismanagement and because they are incompetent to manage a problem. that they all knew that it was coming upon us, they were all warned, by the WHO, to see what was happening in other countries, and the incompetence of this Government has led us to the situation we are going through. It is clear that it was impossible to avoid this, but what was not impossible was to avoid the dimensions of the problem, it was to avoid the thousands of deaths that we have to suffer ”

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