Located a minor after eight years kidnapped by her mother in Poland

The father, who lives in Pollença (Mallorca), has been granted custody of the child by both the Spanish and Polish authorities

In whereabouts unknown since 2011, the mother has already been arrested for a crime of child abduction

In a coordinated operation with the Polish police, the Civil Guard has located a child under 11 years of age who had been missing since late 2011. Natural Pollença (Mallorca), the minor traveled with her mother to Poland when she was 3 years old , and since then both were unaccounted for.

Mother and daughter have been located in the town of Katowice, in southern Poland. The minor is in good health and is already with her father in Spain. His mother has been arrested for a crime of child abduction.
During these years of investigation, custody has been granted to the girl's father by both Spanish and Polish courts. In addition, the court in the Polish town of Czestochowa ordered the immediate delivery of the child to her parent.
In Spain, a European arrest warrant was issued against the mother. Since then, the Civil Guard has maintained frequent contacts with the police and judicial authorities of Poland until they have finally been able to find their whereabouts.
The operation has been supported by Spanish diplomacy in Poland, the National Center for the Disappeared and the European Foundation for Missing Persons.


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