Located an arsenal of weapons of war after the dismantling of a Dutch criminal organization in the province of Malaga

The weapons, including Ak47 rifles, SKorpion assault rifles, semi-automatic pistols and hand grenades, were all ammunitioned and ready for use.

It has located the largest warehouse in Europe of precursor substances for the manufacture of synthetic drugs, with thousands of liters of chemical products, which could have produced more than 45 tons of amphetamine, 80 tons of MDMA and 25 million tablets of ecstasy

The dismantled organization, with strong international links, is considered the most active and dangerous in the Netherlands, where three large synthetic drug manufacturing laboratories have also been dismantled.

The Civil Guard and the National Police, fruit of the new lines of research that have been carried out as a result of the operation of Operation STAR / BANANERO, in which they were apprehended more than 6 tons of cocaine Last October, in an industrial area of ​​Málaga, which brought with it the total dismantling of the most dangerous Dutch criminal organization based in the area, they have made important advances in the operation.
These new lines of research are derived from the analysis of all documentation and devices intervened to detainees in the initial phase, as well as the tracking of all places frequented by them, in order to locate any other infrastructure with which they have to carry out their criminal activity, in the same way as their possible international connections.

Arsenal of weapons of war

As a result of this collection and processing of information, the agents located in a garage rented by one of those investigated an authentic arsenal of weapons of war belonging to the greatest exponents of organized crime, among which are 1 Ak47 rifle, 5 Skorpion assault rifles , 2 semiautomatic pistols, 1 revolver, 4 hand grenades, 3 silencers and abundant ammunition, all hidden inside a vehicle, ammunitioned and ready for use.
In this sense, a total of 35 vehicles have been intervened, most of them high-end, in which they have found numerous holes and double bottoms inside practiced with sophisticated hydraulic systems that made them totally inappreciable, and that allowed the concealment and movement of notorious amounts of cocaine, money and synthetic drugs throughout Europe with enough security to not be detected.
In these searches and conducted searches, other narcotic substances that could not be commercialized due to their detention have also been located in Malaga; 4 kilograms of MDMA, 1.2 kilograms of cocaine, 1 kilogram of hashish and 20,000 ecstasy pills.

Greater apprehension of Europe's precursors

In the same way, in the month of April it was also possible to locate and dismantle what, in the opinion of the European institutions, has been the largest store of precursor substances for the elaboration of synthetic drugs discovered to date in Europe.
In it have appeared 19,000 liters of formic acid, 33,000 of formamide, more than 22 tons of caustic soda and, on the other hand, a ton of APAA and almost 6 tons of PMK, composed this basic for the manufacture of MDMA, which only with This apprehension has doubled figures of previous apprehensions at European level, among many other chemical compounds intervened.
With these quantities of precursors and to get an idea of ​​their volume, it is estimated that 80 tons of MDMA, 45 tons of amphetamine and 25 million ecstasy pills could have been manufactured.

Powerful criminal organization in the Netherlands

The disbanded criminal organization was considered as one of the most powerful and dangerous in the Netherlands, including some of its members, now detained, as priority targets of the security forces of that country.
Throughout this complex investigation, investigators have been able to verify that this criminal group was in charge of distributing and introducing large quantities of cocaine hydrochloride into Spain, as well as providing other groups with the necessary logistics to enter Dutch, Portuguese ports. and Spanish containers loaded with a large quantity of narcotic substance, which was later distributed throughout the national territory and the rest of Europe.

The operation in figures

In total they have been 20 people arrested, 16 in a first phase in Spain and, during the following months, another 2 people in Holland, 1 in Costa Rica and another in Austria due to a European Order of Detention and Delivery, understanding of the operation the holder of the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court, who has directed the investigation with the support of the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office of the National Court.
The objective stopped last Wednesday in Austria was responsible for the shipment of 6 tons of cocaine to Spain, a Costa Rican citizen with a Canadian passport, the registration of his home was made in Costa Rica, locating diverse documentation linked to the dangerous disarticulated Dutch organization. This is the first case in which the Spanish police authorities are able to prove at origin all the loading and transfer of the drug to a port of exit in Central America, as well as the people involved in that country, all thanks to the close collaboration with the Costa Rican Drug Control (PCD).
It has collaborated closely with authorities and police forces in the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Costa Rica and the United States, which has allowed locating and dismantling three large synthetic drug laboratories in the Netherlands, linked to the objectives investigated in this operation, with 70 kilos of MDMA and more than one and a half tons of PMK precursor.
It has also intervened about one and a half million euros in cash, most was hidden along with 18 luxury watches, only one of them valued at 250,000 euros, as well as several million euros in property and bitcoins, pending to quantify.


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