An agent of the Civil Guard requested material (uniform) on September 20, 2019 through the application ´ALFIL´ (Integral Logistics-Financial Application). This request has not been delivered since it was requested last year until the registration of the question by VOX (July 20), so the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has asked the Socialist Government "how much It takes time for the General Directorate of the Civil Guard to provide its agents with the material requested by them, strictly necessary for the exercise of their profession ”. A question that has not yet been answered by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, so it is unknown if the material has been delivered almost a year later, or on the contrary, still waiting.

This fact led the agent to present an instance on June 1, and now the Supply Service integrated by the Headquarters of Support Services of the Civil Guard has responded that "the absence of delivery of the requested material is due to the lack of of stock of the same in the warehouse ”. For this reason, López has asked the Executive to know the reason for "the lack of necessary supply of the Civil Guard Agents, by the supplier company."

A situation that has led to complaints from various professional associations about the state of the uniforms, and the lack of renewal of material due to the lack of sizes and garments. The Ceuta parliamentarian has questioned the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias if "they have responded to the pending requests." Also, López wants to know the number of complaints and complaints received from last years to today "about the poor condition and lack of material necessary for the performance of their work, by the agents of the Benemérita and Professional Associations of the Civil Guard ”. "As stated in the office, has that part of the acquired material been delivered to this day?", Asks the Ceuta parliamentarian.

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