Up to 510,000 people have requested help from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) to receive the Minimum Living Income (IVM). A figure that can saturate the service "that does not have the necessary number of personnel in its workforce to attend to this wave of requests," says the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, for which she has questioned the Executive if "he thinks reform the INSS staff to meet the high demand ”.

In addition, according to estimates by the CSIF, this figure could increase to reach three million households, contrary to the forecasts announced by Minister Escrivà, who assured that the new benefit would affect some 850,000 families. A figure that has led the Ceuta parliamentarian to ask the Government of Sánchez e Iglesias if "this avalanche of requests from the IMV has exceeded the Government's forecasts regarding the calculation made initially in relation to the number of requests", and if the Government "expected this high number of applications."

López has asked the Socialist Government which are the INSS headquarters that have received the greatest number of requests from the IMV, broken down by Autonomous Communities, as well as the number of requests managed to date by the INSS. "What new estimates does the Government have regarding the total number of requests to be made from the IMV?" Asks the Ceuta parliamentarian.

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