The Security Forces and Bodies in Ceuta also face the de-escalation programmed by the Government of the Nation with uncertainty. Not all officers will be tested for Covid-19, nor will all follow the same reinstatement protocols at their jobs. This has been pointed out by the national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, in the question addressed to the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to clarify what the disparity of criteria is due to.

According to López, in his explanatory statement, some media have reported that the coronavirus tests will not be carried out on all members of the Ceuta Command, but on a specific number of members of the Armed Institute and of different units. of the body. Meanwhile, in the case of the National Police, it is planned to test all officers.

On the other hand, the Vox national deputy indicates that the de-escalation process programmed for each of these bodies is different. "While the Civil Guard officers of the Ceuta and Melilla Commandos are already working at full capacity with recovery of shifts even, the CNP is going to carry out this process in three phases to return to have the full potential of the service in person" , López warns.

Given these inequalities, Vox asks the Government to explain what criteria it has taken into account to carry out the Covid-19 test to all the staff of the National Police in Ceuta and not to all the agents who make up the Civil Guard Command . In addition, López asks if this same situation occurs in the rest of Spain and why is the de-escalation in the CNP carried out in three phases while the Civil Guard agents are already in full swing.

Lastly, the Vox national deputy asks the Executive to rule on whether she believes that discrimination occurs between agents who serve in the CNP and those who serve in the Benemérita.

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