The national deputy of VOX, Teresa López, has asked the Government of Sánchez to know how overexploitation is being controlled of the Moroccan netters in the area of ​​the Strait of Gibraltar. Driftnets with which Morocco continues to fish in the Strait of Gibraltar "without remedy", According to the captain of Marina Blue and navigator of the Strait, Aurelio Morales, to and López quotes

"Drift nets that are invisible curtains, float on the water and are imperceptible to marine mammals and other animals", the national deputy assured in her explanatory statement. López warns that these nets “float adrift driven by ocean currents or the wind, and capture everything that crosses their path, such as sharks, turtles, seabirds, seals, whales, dolphins and many others. unwanted species that fall victim to this type of network ”. The parliamentarian also recalls that "the use of networks that exceed 2.5 km is illegal."

Therefore, López asks to know "what is the control that the Government exercises before the Moroccan netters that cause an enormous amount of accidental captures and the death of tens of thousands of cetaceans ”, as well as“ the measures extraordinary events that the Government is going to launch to control this type of illegal practice ”. A practice that, according to the Ceuta parliamentarian, "can cause serious dangers to navigation since the nets, placed in an area of ​​intense maritime traffic, can end up entangling in the propellers."

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