The 2019 Judicial Report of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla (TSJA) refers to the problems that affect the different judicial offices under its jurisdiction in Ceuta, stressing the lack of appropriate facilities, as well as the need to that the city has a unique headquarters. A problem that has dragged on for years and that should have been solved years ago with the unification of some branches in the former Bank of Spain in Ceuta. However, the project is paralyzed. For this reason, the national representative of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has asked the Executive about "the reason why they have not yet promoted the completion of the new building" that would lead to this unification.

The Ceuta parliamentarian assures that “the unification of some judicial offices in the old Bank of Spain should have begun to materialize in November 2017, and it is still unknown when the sixth section of the Provincial Court of Cádiz and different Courts of the city may move " For this reason, López has questioned the socialist government if "he plans to retake this project and launch the new Palace of Justice in Ceuta in the old Bank of Spain."

Currently, the Hearing Section is kept in the Ceuta Center building "with serious deficiencies and quite negligent maintenance, in addition to the Courts being located in three different venues," says López. The award of the second phase of the work in the former Bank of Spain was made for an amount of 972,218.65 euros without taxes, with a term of execution of ten months, which was to be carried out by Estudios y Ejecuciones, S.A. But "what has caused the paralysis of the project and the delay in its implementation?" asks the Ceuta parliamentarian.

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