The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has questioned the Executive regarding the quota reserved for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA) that will be included in the next call for employment plans in Ceuta and Melilla. A call for grants for an amount of 23 million euros, approved by the Council of Ministers last August.

The Ceuta parliamentarian has asked the Government of Spain about the criteria and selection scale for employment plans in Ceuta, which will include 0.5% of the quota for young people under guardianship or ex-ward by the City, nationals or foreigners, being applicants for employment and having been registered in Ceuta for at least four years. López points out that if the 2007 agreement between Spain and Morocco on cooperation in the prevention of illegal emigration of the MENA establishes that these young people must be repatriated to return to their family environment, “why is it established now through the DO I KNOW a place for them? ”.

A novelty to which López asks the Executive if he is aware that these jobs "must be filled by nationals residing in Ceuta." A measure that limits their access to these plans, says the Ceuta parliamentarian. "Is the SEPE of Ceuta going to reverse and eliminate that quota for MENA, so that the jobs offered by the employment plans are filled by Spanish citizens?", Asks López.

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