The Government of Spain has responded to the request made on June 5 by the Ceuta parliamentarian, Teresa López, in relation to the siege that Ceuta and Melilla are undergoing by Morocco. The national representative of VOX for Ceuta has already warned that "the new land border that Morocco is designing, without atypical trade and with a port customs office, aims to suffocate Ceuta and Melilla."

López asked the Government of the Nation if "it will continue to allow the pressure exerted by Morocco" on the two Spanish cities in North Africa. In addition, he asked the Government to know "what kind of conversations he is carrying out" with the neighboring country, as well as "to specify what those fluid conversations to which he always refers in his responses consist." Finally, López transferred to the socialist government the question of "if you plan to negotiate with Morocco regarding territorial issues."

To the questions transferred by the Ceuta parliamentarian, the Sánchez Executive has indicated that “due to their geographical situation, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla are a key element in the neighborhood relationship between Spain and Morocco, and the Government ensures the development and prosperity of both ”.

Furthermore, the Government has affirmed that "Morocco is a neighboring and friendly country, as well as a strategic partner, with which it has a deep and varied relationship." "The dialogue with interlocutors at all institutional levels is fluid and covers a multiplicity of areas, including good-neighborliness issues," added the Executive.

On the other hand, the socialist government has insisted that "Morocco and Spain face numerous shared challenges," alluding to the control of the migratory flow and the fight against terrorism, "where cooperation has been excellent and has offered tangible results," they assure. .

To this response by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, López questions "if it is a shared challenge that the king does not visit Ceuta", since, according to various media reports, the trip has been aborted by the Executive of the Nation so as not to disturb Rabat. Some visits that Felipe VI and Queen Letizia are making in the different cities of Spain, with the aim of thanking citizens for their behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, after the response of the socialist government, López wonders if the military rearmament with the new helicopters that the neighboring country has acquired is "another shared challenge". Specifically, these are 24 new AH-64E Apaches of American manufacture and origin. Finally, the VOX deputy for Ceuta questions whether they also share that Ceuta and Melilla are "occupied enclaves" and Morocco insists on claiming the sovereignty of Ceuta and Melilla.

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