Guadalajara, March 3, 2020.- The VOX Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies has presented several questions regarding matters that concern, among others, the province of Guadalajara. To this end, they have requested from the party headed by Santiago Abascal to clarify the national executive “current security level”Of the Trillo Nuclear Power Plant with respect to the one it had at the time of its opening, as well as information regarding the strategy to be followed by the Coalition Government formed by the PSOE and United We – which recently announced the closure of 5 nuclear power plants – in relation to the management of radioactive waste.

In this regard, they have required information to be provided.
"about whether there is forecast, in the framework of the “Strategy for transition to the new energy model”Announced by the Government, to carry out a‘Deep Geological Storage”, Denouncing the party that“information is not being offered to citizens, thereby encouraging more uncertainty to the drift situation that our country is going through in the political and economic sphere"

Farmer concentrations

They also request from VOX that the Government position itself by adopting measures regarding what they consider “serious disqualifications"By the secretary general of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, who described the farmers who have been manifesting in recent weeks as"landowner and carca right"

Beekeeping and pesticide use

The VOX Parliamentary Group, echoing the danger of desertification announced by the beekeeping sector for the use of pesticides, has urgently requested that the use of toxic pesticides for pollinators be prohibited, requiring the national executive to approve the cessation of aerial spraying, by road and other routes, making an evaluation of the effects they produce on human health.

In the same way, they have also required the Government to adopt measures that serve to recognize the ‘Iberian Bee’ or ’Spanish’ as their own race because, they point out from VOX, “genetically and morphologically, they are only found in our country and this measure, essential to protect the species, would allow the bee to provide a unique protection – it is currently listed as a subspecies – allowing access to European aid"

VOX Guadalajara communication:

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