After Morocco has unilaterally expanded its territorial waters, the national representative of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, has brought this issue to the Congress of Deputies with a battery of questions addressed to the Sánchez Government so that it can pronounce itself about. The neighboring country published, on March 31, in its Official Gazette, the expansion of its maritime space. Specifically, it establishes that its waters expanded 20 kilometers more, leaving its exclusive maritime economic zone 321 kilometers from the coast, thus appropriating waters that belong to the Canary Islands.

López wants to know "what kind of diplomatic steps the Government has taken to prevent Morocco from finally executing its strategy." And, remember, since January, the government of the neighboring country began to unilaterally process the expansion of its waters. A situation in which López insists on asking what kind of actions is going to be carried out by the Executive of the Nation in the face of this circumstance in which Morocco claims waters from the Canary Islands.

The Government of Spain said that it was vigilant when the neighboring country began the legislative process now completed, points out López, and that is why he questions whether he believes "that this surveillance function has been effective, taking into account that Morocco has already taken possession of Spanish waters in its laws ”. The parliamentarian asks the PSOE and United Podemos coalition Executive to rule on whether she believes that the neighboring country "takes advantage of the weakness of the Government of Spain, now mired in the Covid-19 crisis, to appropriate Spanish maritime zones" and also to say if they are going to take some kind of measure "to stop Morocco in the pressure it exerts on Spain."

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