The Army has played an important role in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic during the State of Alarm. However, VOX denounces the different policies that the Ministry of Defense is carrying out in relation to the distribution of masks among military units, and that is why it has asked about it through the Congress of Deputies to the Government.

The Armed Forces have collaborated with the Police and Civil Guard in security tasks in the face of the health crisis, in the tasks of citizen control, in addition to having had a Navy ship to reform health resources in Ceuta or Melilla. Also, in parallel, the Army has patrolled the border to guarantee confinement in the periphery areas. Likewise, the Army has been present at the national level in more than 80 towns and 7 provinces. A military deployment known as 'Operation Balmis'.

A task that has motivated the national VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, to ask the government about the distribution and mandatory use of the mask for the military to carry out their work. The Ceuta parliamentarian assures that there are units in which no material has been distributed as the distribution system has not been regularized in the Army, such as the case of the Base Services and Barracks Unit (USBA GM).

In the case of the General Command of Ceuta, there is no type of restriction in the distribution of masks. However, at the Betera High Availability Terrestrial General Headquarters, in Valencia, "a few weeks ago they were distributed two a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, and now they are only distributed on Mondays among the personnel who enter the service", López affirms. Some reasons that have led the Ceuta parliamentarian to ask the socialist government, "what is the criteria of the Ministry of Defense in the distribution of masks among army personnel."

Also, López wants to know "why this comparative grievance is taking place between the personnel of some military zones and others", and "what is the regularization of the pay-as-you-go system" that the Government will carry out to end "this grievance", in the delivery of masks to the personnel of the Armed Forces.

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