10-11-2019 | Cs

The national spokeswoman for Cs, Lorena Roldán, asks that 'the right of citizens to go to the polls be respected' after voting in the La Albada neighborhood of Tarragona

"We are facing a decisive general election for the future of Catalonia and the whole of Spain." This has been said by the national spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) and party leader in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, after casting her vote in the neighborhood association of La Albada de Tarragona. For this reason, he has encouraged all citizens to “that no one stays at home and they will vote because each vote counts and we play together, remain free and equal citizens and remain within a modern and central Spain that looks at future".

Accompanied by the Cs candidate for Tarragona, Sergio del Campo, the national spokeswoman wanted to thank the professionals of the Security Forces and Bodies, as well as the thousands of proxies who “work today to ensure that citizens can go at the polls and exercise your right to vote. ”

Finally, he wished that “the day goes by normally and without incident, and that the right of citizens to go freely to the polls is respected”, not as “on the day of reflection that was not respected and was violated by the separatist radicals ”.

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